Best of all? All our designs are guaranteed to make you look

Why WildMelons Exists

Traditionally, women were given a choice between two terrible options for their bras and underwear. Either be sexy or be comfortable.
Yeah, we thought that was outdated too — so we created WildMelons.
A win-win and better option where we don’t need to choose between being sexy or comfortable.
We can just look and feel our best, whatever that means to us.
This also empowers all the sexy women out there to reach their intimacy highs and embrace their femininity and the desires that come with it.

Our Product

We do bras and lingeries differently. No discomfort. No dressing rooms. No drama. Just insanely comfortable bras, designed to fit perfectly.
We use millions of real women’s measurements—not size templates—to create our products.
You can find your ideal bra in a few seconds as there is the perfect fit for almost all shapes and sizes.
We make it our mission to make a bra for you that is sexy yet comfy and fits you perfectly.
Our Community At WildMelons, we believe every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident (read sexy too). That core belief drives our company, from the products we design to how we give back. That’s why we are a strong advocate in educating the women on their correct size, healthy breast, and intimacy coaching.
We further intend to sponsor programs that support this idea. In short, we are on a mission to help women make powerful life changes to honor their needs and desires. This can be achieved if you believe in our slogan:

Be Wild

Wear WildMelons